Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot.

this phrase is an alternative to saying WTF, and is an example of using military lingo.  today it is in honor of my dry socket.  i had a molar pulled yesterday and thought i was dealing with the pain pretty well until a couple of hours ago.  this is not right, i kept thinking.  then it hit me:  the dreaded dry socket!  you're not even supposed to get a dry socket this fast are you?  noooooooooo, but sure enough i looked in the mirror and my blood clot has gone AWOL. whiskey. tango. foxtrot.  why me?  i wish i could get it back! 

it is rumored that compwalla started using this phrase around the pod, so thanks virginia!

here are all of the military code letters.  let's see what other fun phrases we can make with them...

A - Alpha
B - Bravo
C - Charlie
D - Delta
E - Echo
F - Foxtrot
G - Golf
H - Hotel
I - India
J - Juliet
K - Kilo
L - Lima
M - Mike
N - November
O - Oscar
P - Papa
Q - Quebec
R - Romeo
S - Sierra
T - Tango
U - Uniform
V - Victor
W - Whiskey
X - X-ray
Y - Yankee
Z - Zulu


  1. My favorite curse word is "rats" but I do like the sound of Romeo-Alpha-Tango-Sierra!

  2. LOL that kind of sounds like a bad baby name, doesn't it?! :D

    now, don't y'all go stealing my next baby's name!


  3. Golf and hotel? They just don't sound like they belong.