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Thursday, March 17, 2011

free blockbuster kiosk codes

From today until March 27th, you can use the promo code GHO7UU to get a free rental.  You can also use the code WEEKEND to get a Buy Two Get One rental.  there are a lot of great DVDs out now!

Monday, March 14, 2011


i finally finished the kati cupcake bag...i only started it a week ago, but i've had to do it over a four-day period of time, so it seems like it took a while!  thanks to eebud, kelly, and everyone else who offered tips.  :)

a friend sent me all the supplies to make this for her, and she chose fabric from this line:

i looked it up online when the fabric arrived, and i loved the reservoir trefoil pattern so much (in the same line, but not used on this bag) that i purchased some in case i decide to make a bag for myself! 

free blockbuster rental march 14th only

use code FREEMONDAY to get a free rental from the blockbuster kiosk....enjoy!

my first movie review

these days i don't get out much; therefore i don't get many opportunities to make recommendations for entertainment, but i just had to do this movie review!  i'm not going to give any spoilers, but if you are able to go see The Adjustment Bureau, i highly recommend it.  you can see the trailer here:

i must admit i am not a big matt damon fan (he's just not my type i guess), but THAT DOES NOT MATTER.  the movie is so well done, it just sucks you in, and you find yourself on the edge of your seat until the very last minute.  it's a bit of a thriller with romance and a sci-fi twist (always my favorite combo).  i loved this movie so much that i don't think i can wait for it to come out on DVD.  i'm going to see it again as soon as it hits the dollar theater! :-D  i also like movies that continue to make me think even after i'm done watching.  it's been on my mind quite a bit.  i'd love to hear what you think if you go see it!

Monday, March 7, 2011

free 8x10 canvas

just pay S&H

free candy or drink from CVS

go to their FB page:

and "like" them.  it will then ask you for your cvs card number and email.  once you have submitted that, they will email you a coupon that you can print good for any beverage or candy $2 or less.  enjoy!

Friday, March 4, 2011


if you've missed these funnies from the pod in the last week, here's your chance to catch up:

for fashion inspiration for the man in your life:

for a good laugh:

and we should NEVER lose this thread (with a title like that, you knew it had to be good):

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

word of the day - merkin

let me say that i consider myself to be pretty knowledgeable, but prior to peaing, i had never heard the word merkin and had no clue what it was!  basically, it's a crotch wig.  ya know, cuz we all need one of those! LOL

as soon as i found out what it was, my next thought was why?  really.  searching for reasons, i found out quite a bit about merkins, including the fact that they are for both sexes.  apparently, merkins were popular in the "old days" before we had medication to cure the ailments that merkins were created to hide (genital sores).  another fascinating fact is that some strip clubs require their strippers to use a merkin/panty combo to appear naked while actually keeping it legal for areas that have laws against nudity. 

lucky for me i have no need of one, but if you're in the market, they're available!

if you've wondered where i've been...

i've been dealing with the post surgical torture known as dry socket.  i'm feeling tons better now, but while i was in agony, i was desperately searching for a way to relieve the terrible pain until my dentist appointment, and i came across this gem...this poor guy tells you exactly what this condition is, in colorful hilarity!  i almost forgot to feel bad for him (and myself) while reading his funny (though completely true)explanation:

Dry Socket Home Remedies:
Submitted by Willie at 2010-03-28 02:15:05
I just learned another name for Hell: it's called Dry Socket. Holy mother of pearl…. When I got hit by a car years ago I thought I knew what pain was - every toe broken on my right foot, a hematoma on my right butt cheek, deep lacerations on my legs requiring many stitches, and generous portions of road rash – Disneyland.

A few weeks ago I had a problem wisdom tooth extracted and my dentist broke away from his humorous light hearted banter to give me a stern warning on how NOT to get a condition known as dry socket. 'No sucking from straws, spitting, or using tobacco or you my friend will find a new religion that begins and ends with pain.

I don't remember spitting and I consciously passed on straws and tobacco wasn't a problem but still somehow I earned the condition called dry socket.

Trying to describe the pain would be a disgrace and insult to the level we're talking about here. I can however tell you that at it's worse all I could do was close my eyes, rock back an forth while curling into fetal position and moan. During this process I found myself forgetting to breath and having to catch up with quick breaths. Time seemed to stand still as seconds seemed like minutes and I wondered how much I could endure before passing out. I don't drink - in fact it's against my religion but I was seriously considering breaking that rule because the pain was mocking the lortabs, vicodin, and morphine I threw at it. It’s a scary world when your pain is immune to what you once thought were heavy weight drugs.

The relief I found didn't come from the liquor store - it actually came from Wallgreens. My wife researched dry socket online and found this site where everyone was swearing by the Red Cross Tooth Ache kit. It was hard to believe that something so simple as clove oil could provide such miraculous relief but if your curled up like a baby suffering from dry socket and your wife says lets stuff some cotton dipped in clove oil in your tooth hole you’ll muster a barely visible nod and slowly open wide.

Trust me: lock/key fries/ketchup foot/shoe….dry socket/clove oil.

fun at the pod

if you missed it on the NSBR, here's a thread guaranteed to give you a laugh...i just love compwalla!

peanut butter pie

there are few things i love in this world more than my homemade peanut butter pie!  the best part about it is the oreo crust, and it is very easy and fast to make:

you will need:
4 oz cream cheese, softened
1/2 cup peanut butter
8 oz cool whip, softened
3/4 cup powdered sugar
1 oreo pie crust

whip cream cheese and peanut butter.  add cool whip and whip well.  add powdered sugar and whip well.  pour into pie shell and freeze. 

i like mine plain like this

but the lady who gave me the recipe drizzled chocolate syrup on top after frozen and added some peanuts.  either way, it's to die for!

easy sweet treat that's fast, too!

i got this idea from a pillsbury email.  it's so yummy!  take crescent rolls and lay the triangles flat on a greased baking sheet.  add a tablespoon of chocolate morsels and roll them up like you would a dinner roll.  bake until golden brown.  i like it really sweet, so i used milk chocolate morsels and sprinkled a bit of granulated sugar on top before baking.