Wednesday, March 2, 2011

word of the day - merkin

let me say that i consider myself to be pretty knowledgeable, but prior to peaing, i had never heard the word merkin and had no clue what it was!  basically, it's a crotch wig.  ya know, cuz we all need one of those! LOL

as soon as i found out what it was, my next thought was why?  really.  searching for reasons, i found out quite a bit about merkins, including the fact that they are for both sexes.  apparently, merkins were popular in the "old days" before we had medication to cure the ailments that merkins were created to hide (genital sores).  another fascinating fact is that some strip clubs require their strippers to use a merkin/panty combo to appear naked while actually keeping it legal for areas that have laws against nudity. 

lucky for me i have no need of one, but if you're in the market, they're available!

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