Wednesday, March 2, 2011

if you've wondered where i've been...

i've been dealing with the post surgical torture known as dry socket.  i'm feeling tons better now, but while i was in agony, i was desperately searching for a way to relieve the terrible pain until my dentist appointment, and i came across this gem...this poor guy tells you exactly what this condition is, in colorful hilarity!  i almost forgot to feel bad for him (and myself) while reading his funny (though completely true)explanation:

Dry Socket Home Remedies:
Submitted by Willie at 2010-03-28 02:15:05
I just learned another name for Hell: it's called Dry Socket. Holy mother of pearl…. When I got hit by a car years ago I thought I knew what pain was - every toe broken on my right foot, a hematoma on my right butt cheek, deep lacerations on my legs requiring many stitches, and generous portions of road rash – Disneyland.

A few weeks ago I had a problem wisdom tooth extracted and my dentist broke away from his humorous light hearted banter to give me a stern warning on how NOT to get a condition known as dry socket. 'No sucking from straws, spitting, or using tobacco or you my friend will find a new religion that begins and ends with pain.

I don't remember spitting and I consciously passed on straws and tobacco wasn't a problem but still somehow I earned the condition called dry socket.

Trying to describe the pain would be a disgrace and insult to the level we're talking about here. I can however tell you that at it's worse all I could do was close my eyes, rock back an forth while curling into fetal position and moan. During this process I found myself forgetting to breath and having to catch up with quick breaths. Time seemed to stand still as seconds seemed like minutes and I wondered how much I could endure before passing out. I don't drink - in fact it's against my religion but I was seriously considering breaking that rule because the pain was mocking the lortabs, vicodin, and morphine I threw at it. It’s a scary world when your pain is immune to what you once thought were heavy weight drugs.

The relief I found didn't come from the liquor store - it actually came from Wallgreens. My wife researched dry socket online and found this site where everyone was swearing by the Red Cross Tooth Ache kit. It was hard to believe that something so simple as clove oil could provide such miraculous relief but if your curled up like a baby suffering from dry socket and your wife says lets stuff some cotton dipped in clove oil in your tooth hole you’ll muster a barely visible nod and slowly open wide.

Trust me: lock/key fries/ketchup foot/shoe….dry socket/clove oil.

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