Sunday, February 13, 2011


This is our word of the day (or should I say phrase of the day). 

This phrase can be used as an exclamation, outcry, curse, or an interjection. 

Sweet Tiny Jamie, I hate it when they pull threads!

This phrase originated from the poorly recieved description of Jamie when she took over Melly's job.  I believe they said she was tiny and cute, but somehow we (the peas) twisted it into sweet tiny Jamie.  It stuck like glue!  Now that Jamie has been throwing her weight around (albeit slight), some are thinking she's not so sweet anymore.  Perhaps the phrase will evolve into a more sarcastic connotation, such as "bless your heart" has become. 

Next time you want to exclaim, "For Pete's sake!" you know what to do.  We'll spread this into a worldwide phenomenon in no time.